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Offering Dog Training & Behaviour Services online and in person

Little Woofers provide Puppy and Dog training Classes and individual sessions in the Kildare and Meath areas. We also offer Dog Behaviour consultations for issues such as reactivity and separation anxiety.

We pride ourselves on our Force Free methods and our clients success, always building positive and strong relationships between handlers and their Little Woofers!

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Little Woofers are passionate about two key things: 

1) Dog Training & Behaviour

2) The Relationship between you and your Little Woofer!


Life may not be always be harmonious between handler and dog and our goal is to provide you with the tools to build a happy, successful relationship no matter the challenge! 

Our main areas of work include day to day training such as obedience, scent and tracking. We also specialise in areas such as Dog - Dog reactivity, fear and  separation issues. 

We are accredited with the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers and International School of Canine Psychology. 


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Group Sessions

We offer Group classes in Scent, Obedience (novice and advanced) and Tracking, in multiple locations around North Kildare (Leixlip. Maynooth) and Meath (Clonard). 

Groups are normally 5-8 handler/dogs and we encourage as many of the family to attend as possible!

Online Sessions

 We offer online courses, 1:1's and behaviour consultations.


We have had  huge success through our online platforms throughout the last year and have developed our programmes based on feedback from our clients. 


Tel: 087 936 1336

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